Overview of Heron's Landing at the River
The Heron's Landings at the River Course Homeowners' Association (HLRHOA), Inc. was incorporated in 1999 to establish by-laws and publish a declaration of covenants, conditions, restrictions for the benefit of all owners.  The HLRHOA has an annual assessment, oversees the maintenance of the common areas, conducts an annual meeting, enforces the covenants, and delegates other duties to several committees.
A sister development known as Heron's Landing at the River Phases III and IV is not affiliated with the HLRHOA.
One of our more active committees in the MECCA (Maintenance, Enforcement and Community Commitment Advisors formed in 2005 to serve as advisors to the Board of Directors.  The MECCA committee is a very active group and maintains our Pride in the Community by doing periodic community walkthroughs to look for conditions that are not in accordance with our covenants.  The Board of Directors encourages all owners of home and vacant lots to abide by the covenants to continue to make our community a beautiful one.